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E-Mobility Impacts in Carbon Neutrality


IEEE PES MEA SB conducted a Webinar on the topic “ E-Mobility Impacts in Carbon Neutrality in collaboration with IEEE PES SBC University of Moratuwa through Google meet. The webinar was held on 2nd May 2023 at 9:00 PM sharp . The speaker started the webinar with a clear explanation of the topic itself which included what is E -Mobility and what is Carbon neutrality and then moved on to subtopics.

He conducted webinar in such a fascinating way that each and every core subtopics such as sustainable transportation system towards a low carbon transition , Energy, Environmental and behavioral factors, sociotechnical change and sustainable mobility, behavioral aspects of sociotechnical change, satisfaction in travel, life and modality choice, mobility behavior, cycling, walking, car use, public transport etc. were thoroughly explained.

The event was concluded at 9:45 by Devakaran, chair of IEEE PES SBC university of Moratuwa after a Q&A session, review from students , last but not least a group photo was taken to make this international collab more memorable .The webinar allowed students to gain new steps of knowledge.

The Webinar was made up to perfection with the collective effort of both SB’s. IEEE PES MEA SBC and IEEE PES SBC University of Moratuwa got positive feedback from the delegates. The webinar helped the delegates to explore a new bundle of knowledge.