IEEE MEA SB conducted the second session of 'Skill π' series on the topic ‘Introduction to Cloud Storage’, resourced by Mrs. Fathima Shaiba, Regression Test Engineer at Nutanix. The event was scheduled exclusively for the SB volunteers, helping them improve their skills with handling various tools. The programme was hosted by Miss. Ayisha Jumaila, Women in Computing Coordinator of IEEE CS MEA SBC. The event was held on 14th September 2021 between 4:00pm and 5:00pm IST.

    IEEE MEA SB in collaboration with IEEE MEA Alumni Association conducted the second session of 'Skill π', the event desiged with a series of workshops to build up the skills of participants in using various trending tools. The speaker had clearly and elaborately discussed about cloud storage from its history onwards. Along with this, she had shared her IEEE volunteering experiences. It was an interactive session along with a Q&A which cleared the doubts of participants. The session was very effective. About 50 participants attended the session. It was an interactive session with great active participants.