• DECRYPTO. Virtual Treasure Hunt

    A virtual treasure hunt competition named ‘DECRYPTO’ was organized by IEEE CS MEA SBC. This competition was organized as a pre-event for the AKCSSC 2020. AKCSSC is an annual flagship convention of IEEE Computer Society Kerala Chapter. The competition was open for both IEEE & Non IEEE members.

    The competition started on 14th November 12:00 AM and held till 15th November 12:00 AM. This contained a series of puzzles around 6 questions. The participants were asked to crack those puzzles and the one who finished their goal first would be declared as the winner. The questions were set by the executive team of CS SBC and the web team builded up a website to host the competition with high accuracy. The participants were promised with a certificate from IEEE CS Kerala chapter. The competition upholded the motive of organizing the competition and had a perfect impact in promoting AKCSSC 2020 in and out of the SBC.