• VTalk 4

    IEEE WIE MEAEC conducted a program named “VTalk’’.We invited active volunteer Ms. Sajna Mohammed, Membership Development Coordinator IEEE PES TP Kerala Chapter, WIELS Travel Grant Recipient as VTalk guest 4 and was interviewed by our own volunteer.

  • VTalk 3

    IEEE WIE MEAEC conducted a program named “VTalk’’.We invited active volunteer Ms. Megna Sudeep, Past WIE Coordinator IEEE Malabar Hub, Recipient Of Special Student WIE Volunteer Award as VTalk guest 3 and was interviewed by our own volunteer.

  • VTalk 2

    IEEE WIE MEAEC conducted a program named “VTalk’’.We invited active volunteer Ms. Pooja Haridas,Ex Malabar Hub Student Representative, Outstanding Student Volunteer 2019 as VTalk guest 2 and was interviewed by our own volunteer.

  • VTalk 1

    IEEE WIE MEAEC conducted a program named “VTalk’’.We invited active volunteer :Ms. Ameera Sherin, WIE Team Lead - IEEE India Council Student Coordination Team, WIE Coordinator - IEEE Link as VTalk guest 1 and was interviewed by our own volunteers Ms Rumaisa hakeem.

  • VTalk Inauguration

    The program VTalk(an initiative of interviewing the active women volunteers in our cloud. Providing a platform for them to put their thoughts) was inaugurated by Mrs.Rekha Menon..We invited active volunteers from various colleges and they were interviewed by our own volunteers.2nd year student volunteers in our SB had the opportunity to interview the guests.

  • Inauguration Function IEEE PES

    The IEEE PES Student Branch chapter of MEA Engineering College was formed on 12th June 2020. It was inaugurated on 6th July 2020 at the hands of chief guest Prof. Frank C Lambert, President, IEEE Power and Energy society. The society is dedicated to empowering the development of technology, software, and best practices in all the areas of electric power and energy.

  • Python hub

    Python hub is a continuous online python training program organizing by the SB. It's a platform, providing for SB members who want to learn the language Python or to improve their coding skills. The students are connected through the slack platform to provide the weekly tutorials and tasks and also to share their doubts.

  • Creating Sustainable Student Startups In The Era Of Disruption

    IEEE IAS MEA SBC organized the webinar on ‘Creating sustainable student startups in the era of disruption’ handled by Dr. Saji Gopinath, CEO of Kerala Startup Mission and director, IIITMK on 1st July 2020 through Google Meet platform.

  • Web Devalopment Training

    This was a continuous web training program organized by the IEEE MEA SB. This is a platform for the SB members who want to learn more about web development.The objective of this training is to develop the skills in usability of web sites and to learn the language of web.

  • INWED 20

    A held by IEEE WIE MEAEC on the topic “ I am a committed Engineer of the society” which was conducted on 23rd of June.The session was handled by 3 student speakers.They student talk wastalked mainly about how a socially committed engineer should be, about sustainable engineering , women in engineering etc..

  • World Environment Day

    This is an online awareness discussion program conducted on the topic "Positive impacts on Environment amid Lockdown" .The lockdown cause from clearance air to liberated wildlife.The world appeared with number of positive effects and unbelievable changes.

  • COVID-19 Detection using Deep Learning.

    A webinar -cum -contest on “COVID-19 Detection using Deep learning” was conducted on 03rd of June. The contest duration was from June 3 to June 10. The webinar was scheduled on the lockdown period and it was organised through Cisco WebEx platform. The program started at 4pm and continued for two hours. The contest winner gets an opportunity to work as Intern at Tink Dynamics.