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Our Story

IEEE MEA Student Branch was established in the year 2011. From the time of establishment onwards the Student Branch has been actively organizing various events and participating in events all around the sections at national and international levels.
Over the years, we’ve empowered students through diverse events – from skill-building TechEduHour sessions to the grand national showcase, Xtrinia.

Counselor's Note

Prof. Jemsheer Ahmed

As the counselor of IEEE MEA SB, I’m delighted to guide and serve our student branch and its members in this dynamic technological era. Nurturing innovative minds is crucial for adapting to the ever-changing world. We believe in being the changers in a changing world. IEEE provides the platform for such transformation, and I am proud to be part of it. IEEE MEA SB has been a highly active and successful branch at regional and international levels, making a mark through various events. Our brilliant students have achieved recognition globally. I look forward to continuing our promising journey and contributing to the world. Best wishes to all.
Chair's Note

Ms Ayisha Jumaila

It’s an honor to serve as the Chairperson of IEEE MEA SB, where our mission is to advance technology for humanity. In this rapidly changing era, staying informed and connected is crucial for personal and collective growth. Our focus is on creating opportunities for our team to thrive in a dynamic world. Committed to fostering innovation and excellence, we prepare our students to meet challenges through quality programs and comprehensive training. We prioritize all-around personality development, instilling values and ethics. Documenting our efforts, we aim to inspire future volunteers. With collective efforts, we are determined to contribute our best to the world’s progress.


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